New Year, new plans

I’ve got exciting news. Covenant Books will publish The Dungeon! (cue fanfare).

Right now, the planned timeline is to have the book out sometime this summer (between May and August, depending upon how long editing takes.)

Project: Heritage is through re-write, and I just want to make one more pass through it before I start shopping it around.

And…(louder fanfare)…Lightning Wakes, the first book in what I’m calling The Surrogates series, is complete through a first draft. This is my first attempt at YA writing, and it was a lot of fun. I’ve got plans out the wazoo that should take this to four or five books. We’ll see. It’ll take a while to go back through it, clean it up, and make it pretty before I start looking for represenation for it. I might even try to have the second book finished as well before doing anything with it, as that will only strengthen its case as a series worth finishing.

As if that wasn’t enough, I’m 30% (give or take) through a follow-up to The Dungeon, and I’ve got outlines for a half-dozen other projects just waiting for my attenion.

And I know there are a lot of people who want to see the story of the Richards family continued. It will be, I promise. There’s still so much that Sarah, Karie, and Sofie need to accomplish.

2019 is going to be a busy year.

Happy New Year!

The Hunt for a Great Agent

As we discussed previously, The Dungeon is finished. It actually ended at just over 95,000 words, after editing and proof-reading, and I’m now in that great limbo space called “seeking representation.” (Any agents out there, <knock, knock>).

I’ve got about a hundred fifty query letters out, and I’ve had a bite or two so far, but no contract yet. Fingers crossed. I’d love to get this one through agency, but if it doesn’t happen, I’ll bring the book to you through Amazon like the previous book. (Brightness is doing very well, by the way, so if you haven’t read it, go ahead, pick it up. It’s free to borrow if you have Kindle Unlimited.)

So while we wait for agency, I keep writing. I’m splitting my efforts between three projects at the moment: something along the lines of a sequel to The Dungeon, a full edit of a modern-era science fiction romance, and a high-octane Young Adult series. The YA books (think demons + superheroes + aliens) is what has my blood singing right now, so that’s where a good majority of my attention is going. Writing is subjective, even to the writer; sometimes something just demands that you work on it RIGHT NOW.

There are quite a few other projects I’ve either outlined, or at least jotted down enough notes to keep the ideas fresh in my head. Some of them even have a decent start to them. So don’t worry that I’m going away anytime soon. Even if all I did was work on the books I’ve already begun, that’s at least ten more novels over the next couple of years.

The Dungeon is coming early next year. I think the first book in the YA series will be next, followed by the science fiction romance, then we’ll get sequels out for everything. Yeah, I like the sound of that plan.

Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving, and wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The Dungeon

Well, The Dungeon is finished. It’s come in right around 100,000 words, though that may grow or shrink a little during the editing process. It’ll end up being about 25% longer than Brightness, and will be average length for the Action-Thriller genre, though hopefully above average in action and thrills.

So what’s it about? If you purchased Brightness, you’ll have already had access to the first 3 chapters, included at the end of the book. The Dungeon is about a multinational coorporation that is rounding up the homeless, the mentally unstable, and those overflow of the prison system, and dumping them into a newly-made recreation of Daedalus’ Labyrinth, all for the purposes of creating an exciting, life or death, reality TV show. Along the way, those who may pose a problem for the company, like a dogged police detective who might be getting too close to the truth, are also pressed into participating.

At least, that’s what everyone thinks.

Join the inaugural run of the The Dungeon with Zachary, Elizabeth, Lil’ Bit, Big Rich, and six others as they face deadly traps, riddles, and man-made monsters in a place where moving forward might kill you, but staying put definitely will. Discover the real Labyrinth, as the ten strangers learn to work together to stay alive, and learn a secret that Magellan Enterprises will kill to protect, something that might change the course of history.

And if you haven’t yet, pick up Brightness, available in the Amazon store and on Kindle. Enjoy the supernatural thriller and read the sneak peek of The Dungeon. ‘

The full book should be available early next year.


Rob Horner

The Journey Begins

Hello everyone, and welcome to my brand new blog site/website. Here, I will try to maintain an updated timeline on new books, as well as providing a platform for new readers to learn about other existing books and projects. I will also endeavor to answer questions you might have about plot lines, characters, and continuations.

For now, there is only one book available, Brightness, on in both paperback and Kindle versions. Brightness marks the first of my works that I felt was ready for publication, and so far the response has been overwhelmingly positive and positively humbling. Thank you to those who have read it and provided their feedback.

At the end of Brightness is a three-chapter tease for The Dungeon, a fast-paced action thriller that I hope to have available early next year (2019). I am about 75% through the first draft at this time.

After The Dungeon will come Project:Heritage, a modern-day science fiction/thriller based around a US Navy cast of characters. Heritage is completed through a first draft, but it’s a long story that will require a good period of re-write before it is ready. Expect Project: Heritage close to summer next year.

The easiest way to access Brightness is by searching for it on Kindle or the store, or by clicking my Amazon author page at

Rob Horner


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