Grabbing Interest

With the whole COVID-19 and social distancing ruling the zeitgeist, it’s hard to imagine a better scenario for both readers and writers to catch up on their work.

Unless you’re a medical person, like me, who finds their hands full with concerned patients and family members needing testing, reassurance, and education.

Or…unless you’re one of the millions who find themselves suddenly out of work and worried about paying the bills.

These kinds of anxieties can make it difficult to escape into anyone’s fiction, even if it’s your own.

But I’m doing what I can, just like everyone else. Trying, pushing, fighting.

Night Zero continues to dominate among all the books I’ve released, which tells me that even in uncertain times, we’re all more likely to enjoy something similar to real-life, but at the same time much worse. Maybe it helps us see that’s all isn’t yet lost, and there are worse things that could happen.

Or maybe it’s just a really good book. I’ll take that assessment, too.

Night Zero: Second Day is out in paperback, and it will release on ebook and Kindle Unlimited on June 10.

In May, Night Zero will go on sale for 99 cents, beginning May 1 and running until the ebook release of Second Day on June 10th.

But you don’t have to wait to take advantage of a couple of deals.

I have two other active series with at least 2 books in each, and for the month of April, the first books in both series are on sale for 99 cents on Kindle.

The Richards Saga tells the story of a family discovering a dark destiny for their children and working to keep them safe while they grow to fulfill it. The first book in the series is Brightness, available here:

The second book, Into Darkness, released in January, so there’s no wait to continue the story.

The Chosen Cycle is a departure from my normal work, and focuses on a 16-year-old who suddenly finds himself with an amazing superpower at the same time that demons invade the world. (OK, maybe it’s not that big of a departure.) He’s not the only one. Together with a few friends, they set about fighting to repel the evil. But not everything is as it seems.

The first book, Waking Light, is available here:

The second book, Surrogacy, released last October, so it’s out and ready when you are. The third book, Ascendancy, will release this October.

Both of these “first volumes,” Brightness and Waking Light, go on sale tomorrow (Apr 3) and will remain on sale during the month of April.

For now, good luck and good reading. Remember to drop a quick review when you’re done. They help more than you’ll ever know.

Stay safe. Flatten the curve, or whatever social meme you prefer. And if you’re sick, call ahead so the medical providers can best direct you in seeking care.

See you next time.

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