Ahead of Schedule


It was planned for middle summer, but The Dungeon made it out a little sooner than expected. Honestly, I’m not sure how I feel about having a book through a publisher. I can’t control pricing (except for the e-book version, which I insisted be set at $3.99 instead of $9.99). I also can’t see how it’s doing. It’s available on all e-readers and in all online bookstores, so if you’ve picked up a copy, please leave a review on Amazon, drop a response through the blog, or email me at fansofrobhorner@gmail.com.

Night Zero is doing phenomenally well. It reached Best Seller status on Amazon in 4 days, and is consistently in or near the top 100 for Medical Thrillers. I’m proud to say it’s my best work so far, though I hope to top it with the next books coming out.

Waking Light is struggling to find its place. It’s billed as a young adult science fiction novel, but it’s meant for all ages. Set in 1991, it’s a wealth of culture throwbacks that should bring a smile of nostalgia to anyone who was alive and old enough to remember what the 90s were like. I wrote the first two parts in 1991, when I was 17, so the references are authentic. It’s been edited numerous times, and I’m proud to finally be bringing this saga to the public. Part 2, Surrogacy, will be out this fall. Part 3, Ascendancy, is currently under construction.

Brightness continues to hold a special place in the hearts of everyone who has read it, and I’m pleased to say that work on its sequel has begun. Expect Into Darkness some time next year, with Death Watch coming the year after.

The Fall of Icarus will complete the story begun in The Dungeon, though it won’t be the last time we see Lawson Bechtol or Detective Jackson. The two will feature prominently in an upcoming technothriller. My hope is to have The Fall of Icarus ready by late next year, with Virtuality coming the year after.

Finally, if The Chosen Cycle is my inner child refusing to grow up, then this next project is my white whale. Started in 1997 while out to sea on the USS Constitution, Project: Heritage had only been read by one person until recently. It’s been updated and edited to the hilt, and I’m excited to announce that it will be releasing on July 30th, 2019, 22 years after it was started.

Of course, all dates are subject to change if my mind veers off into other territory, but I think I can stick with the loose schedule described above.

Thanks again to everyone who supports my work through buying or reading on Kindle Unlimited (every book except The Dungeon is available on KU). I hope you’ve enjoyed what’s come so far, and are looking forward to what comes next as much as I am.


One thought on “Ahead of Schedule

  1. wow you have a lot of books going on! LOL. I love that Waking Light takes place in the early 90’s. I graduated high school in 95 so I love being taken back to that time! (The 90’s is the best decade for music, IMO). Can’t wait till the second one comes out and I purchased Night Zero and can’t wait to get to read that as well!

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