The Dungeon

Well, The Dungeon is finished. It’s come in right around 100,000 words, though that may grow or shrink a little during the editing process. It’ll end up being about 25% longer than Brightness, and will be average length for the Action-Thriller genre, though hopefully above average in action and thrills.

So what’s it about? If you purchased Brightness, you’ll have already had access to the first 3 chapters, included at the end of the book. The Dungeon is about a multinational coorporation that is rounding up the homeless, the mentally unstable, and those overflow of the prison system, and dumping them into a newly-made recreation of Daedalus’ Labyrinth, all for the purposes of creating an exciting, life or death, reality TV show. Along the way, those who may pose a problem for the company, like a dogged police detective who might be getting too close to the truth, are also pressed into participating.

At least, that’s what everyone thinks.

Join the inaugural run of the The Dungeon with Zachary, Elizabeth, Lil’ Bit, Big Rich, and six others as they face deadly traps, riddles, and man-made monsters in a place where moving forward might kill you, but staying put definitely will. Discover the real Labyrinth, as the ten strangers learn to work together to stay alive, and learn a secret that Magellan Enterprises will kill to protect, something that might change the course of history.

And if you haven’t yet, pick up Brightness, available in the Amazon store and on Kindle. Enjoy the supernatural thriller and read the sneak peek of The Dungeon. ‘

The full book should be available early next year.


Rob Horner

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